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TA-21 MDAB – Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Los Alamos, NM


Shiver Construction was challenged with erecting 86,000sf of Steel Enclosures
at the historic Tech Area 21 at Los Alamos National Laboratories, where the dawning of America’s nuclear age was born. Our work involved working in an environmentally hazardous area with high public sensitivity and media coverage. Upon completion, this project enabled Los Alamos National Laboratories to
turn over a once hazardous area into an environmentally safe parcel to be
reclaimed and utilized by the general public.

 Los Alamos National Laboratory - Los Alamos, NM

Shiver constructed the Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Assessment System (PIDADS) for our nations principal Plutonium Facility, located at TA-55 in the north central portion of LANL on a secure mesa between Mortandad Canyon on the north and Two Mile Canyon on the south. The Plutonium Facility is the principal DOE facility for plutonium research and weapons development. Our company is
proud to have taken an active role in the installation of a secure system that will help protect this highly sensitive and important facility far into the future.
Inside TA 21

Austin Animal Services Facility – Austin, Texas

Our company’s expertise in the steel erection and installation of innovative steel components was showcased
in the construction of the largest municipal animal shelter in Central Texas. This new facility is now providing
management and shelter to 23,000 animals annually serving the Austin/Travis County areas in Texas.
Shiver Construction takes pride in the timely, safe and quality construction utilized in these high profile
Public Works Projects we continue to be involved with.

TA53 WNR Facility - Los Alamos National Laboratory - Los Alamos, NM

Another innovative project at our country’s premier nuclear laboratory consisted of erecting a large conventional
steel structure housing the target area of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Centers’ particle accelerator. This new
structure is an integral component of the Laboratory's signature experimental facility with research capabilities
vital to the Laboratory and the Nation. Shiver Construction’s timely, safe and quality construction of this facility
has allowed LANL to further sustain the
long-term needs for the accelerator and neutron science that is
the heart of the Lab’s solutions to national security problems.

Cannon AFB UAS Maintenance Facility – Clovis, NM

Shiver Construction’s Design/Build team develop this project utilizing a turn-key/fast track approach to furnish the United States Air Force with a modern facility capable of servicing the latest in our country’s Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Drone technology. Conducting construction activities on an active flight line is never an easy task, but our crews safely managed to deliver this project under tight budget and scheduling constraints.

Lea County Law Enforcement Facility, Parking Structures – Lovington, NM

Our knowledge and experience in the supply and erection of pre-engineered steel structures was
once again utilized in the construction of over 27,000sf of parking structures for the new multi-million dollar
Lea County Law Enforcement Facility. Completing this project safely, on time and under budget while
working in the extreme environmental conditions of the desert southwest, our company once again proved why Shiver Construction is a proven leader in the design, supply and
construction of pre-engineered steel systems